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Value Added Partnering (VAP)

Value Added Partnering

As a Value Added Partner, our objective is to develop a diverse and inclusive team that will provide the highest level of quality work while producing a functionally and financially viable project for our clients. We achieve maximum DBE participation through a proactive program that results in exceeding success for each of our projects.

Diversity Inclusion (VAP) + Preparation = Opportunity

Bryson’s VAP construction management team will direct and support DBE planning, coordination, and management of the program from inception to completion. Our team continues to work with many different clients acting as an extension of their staff, reducing the prime contractors’ resource utilization requirements.

As a VAP, we offer a proven record of supporting inclusion plans.

  • We will administer a proactive DBE program with predetermined goals.
  • We will develop a project site specific program to hire local DBE trade contractors.
  • We will hold the DBE subcontract agreement and be responsible for their project performance
  • We will continuously track and update the successes with the client.

The following is a partial list of the DBE organizations that have certified us:

  • City of Atlanta Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • City of Atlanta African American Business Enterprise (AABE)
  • DeKalb County Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • DeKalb County Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE)
  • Small Disadvantage Business (SDB)
  • Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • State of Georgia - Mentor /Protégé Approved Contractor
  • City of Atlanta Managing General Contractor
  • Veteran Owned Service Disabled Business (VSDB)

Our history of working through partnerships on high-profile projects gives us exposure and development as a Minority Partner or as a Major Subcontractor.

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