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Our experience as an industry leader in safety has been hailed as the benchmark of safety in the industry by BB&T Insurance Services Assistant Vice President John P. McGarvey:

“BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. has had the privilege of handling the insurance needs of Bryson Constructors for many years. Back by experienced, long term project management, personnel and an exemplary safety program, the incident rates and experience modification history of Bryson Constructors have consistently been well below industry average.”

We are committed to completing projects on time and on budget without compromising the safety of our associates or partners. Environmental Health and Safety is an integral component of our risk management team and our safety plan is customized to each project and is always site specific.

Our Incident Ratio Severity (IRS), Incident Severity Frequency (IRF) EMR rating is far below industry averages. Our record on safety is a testament to our tradition of a strong commitment of to safety on the work-site.

Bryson Safety Bryson Safety

Every Task, Every Minute, Every Day… Safety Matters

Our company is committed to operating an industry leading Contractor Safety, Health, and Environmental Program (CSHEP) on every project.

We have ZERO lost days and ZERO OSHA violations!

2017 EMR 0.81

2016 EMR 0.81

2015 EMR 0.83

2014 EMR 0.83

2013 EMR 0.88

2012 EMR 0.88